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Analysis of Djibouti vs Pakistan Match, 7:00 PM, June 17 - Friendly match. Predictions and analysis of the Asian handicap and over/under odds by top experts.


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Looking at the FIFA rankings, Djibouti and Pakistan are relatively close in terms of rankings. Djibouti, from Africa, holds the 193rd position, while Pakistan is two places below at 195th.

Returning to tonight's friendly match, Djibouti is considered slightly superior in terms of their ability to win. They recently achieved an impressive 3-1 victory against Mauritius. Furthermore, Djibouti has won their last two friendly matches.

On the other hand, Pakistan had a poor performance in their recent friendly matches, losing 0-3 against Mauritius and 0-1 against Kenya. In fact, Pakistan has lost 9 out of their last 10 matches across all competitions. It is evident that Pakistan is not a team to be relied upon for a victory against Djibouti.

Head-to-head record between Djibouti and Pakistan:

The two teams have never played against each other.

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Bookmakers' odds for Djibouti vs Pakistan:

Asian handicap: 0:0

Djibouti has won the handicap bet in 4 matches and only drew once in their recent games. Conversely, Pakistan has lost the handicap bet in all 4 of their recent matches in the Asian market. Based on this data, Pakistan is not a reliable choice for investment. Choose Djibouti.

Over/under odds: 2 1/4

In 11 out of their last 13 matches, Djibouti has seen at least 3 goals scored per game. Tonight, in a friendly match where there are no stakes, and considering the poor form of their opponents, Pakistan, Djibouti is confident in securing a convincing victory with a significant goal difference. Choose Over.

Score prediction: Djibouti 3-1 Pakistan

Asian handicap: Choose Djibouti to win the handicap bet

Over/under: Choose Over

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